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Outdoor Adventures

The Outdoor Adventure Program allows campers to safely experience thrill-seeking challenges at our professionally designed and built Adventure Course.  Sesame/Rockwood’s Adventure Course consists of zip-lines,  cable creek crossings,  our 2 famous 40-foot high Towers of Power, along with an additional 22 challenging elements.  Besides the thrill-seeking elements,  campers also participate in a number of team building activities which are located much closer to the ground!  These experiences allow campers to build trust and communication skills,  both individually and as a group.  Our campers are never forced to participate.  Instead,  campers practice  “Challenge by Choice,”  where encouragement is our mantra!

Our Nature Program,  known to the older campers as Mad Science,  exposes the campers to the outdoor world that they are surrounded by at camp!  They are able to study insects,  birds and plants during the camp season.  The campers also participate in science experiments in which they might make slime,  or even snow!